Trade...the FUTURE

Company Profile

Over the span of past few years RG Trading Company has emerged as one of the biggest suppliers of relays, switches, fuse holder, voltmeter, solder wire and all stabilizer spare parts in Pakistan.

RG Trading Company has shown a great commitment towards introducing products which are not compromised on quality. Acquiring specialized products from all over the world RG Trading Company has introduced a new era where the stabilizer manufacturing sector has been infused with dynamic and versatile products promising an unwavering quality and strong commitment for customers.

CEO Message

Keeping vision of company’s founder, I always believed in honesty and hard work. It is my utmost effort to maintain standard for the satisfaction of existing customers, while finding new ones. I personally believe in quality than quantity. Every customer, no matter big or small, is equally important and taken care. Continuous upgrading and modification to products is a key to stay in today’s competition. Apart from such modification, skilled staff and experienced management is also very important to me. I wish and try to maintain balance between the people whom I work for and the people who work for me.

Our Vision

To be a superior nationwide supplier of quality stabilizer spare parts.
Is to become the buyer’s first choice all around the Pakistan.
Is to provide our customers with just the venue to supply all their requirements.